How to order

First of all, if you don’t understand or have any questions please feel totally free to ask us a question.

Email your orders or questions to

or ring 01489 893784 (local rate number), or use our contact form


Why buy from us

Raising money for charity – exists to raise money to help homeless children in Sierra Leone providing them with a home, education, healthcare and reuniting them with their families. Learn more.

20 years experience in the embroidery and printing business.

Fair pricing – we have checked out our competitors real prices and our standard range is below the average charge.  Our ‘budget’ option offers great value and one of the lowest prices on the market.

Child and adult range available – we offer the standard hoodies for sixth formers, but also carry a range for leavers hoodies for Primary, Junior and Prep schools.

Ethical hoodies – ensuring lawful, ethical work conditions using environmentally friendly methods of production.  AWD produce the Just Hoods range of hoodies that we promote adhere to WRAP rules (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production).

Best "20" shape – seeing other leavers hoodies in the street (we always have a look) they mostly look good, but often time has been saved on the "20" design itself.

By placing each name by eye in its best position & carefully choosing names to fill the shape, your "20" will be well filled and evenly spaced. We don't use automatic justification to fill it which is what creates gaps. Have a look at the example to see what we mean:

What are the prices

We believe in simple pricing with no hidden extras. When you look at the hoodies you can see the item price marked for orders between 10 – 99 garments which includes a front embroidery a back printed "20" design with or without nickname. The designs are all labelled as being the 'price with nickname' or 'price without nickname', and each hoodie on our hoodies page shows the 'with nickname' and 'without nickname' cost.

We also display the reduced prices for orders that exceed 100 items.

All prices shown include the charity donation, the VAT and delivery - there will be no extras!

Choosing your leavers hoodie

We can actually supply almost all makes on the market, but through our website we are making three offerings.

THE NUMBER 1 BEST SELLER: Just Hoods (JH001, JH003 etc) by the manufacturers AWD. These have a superb choice of vibrant colours to choose from, the quality of the material is very high, they are well made and they have reliable stocks when you place your order. They also adhere to WRAP ensuring lawful, ethical work conditions using environmentally friendly methods of production.

RANKS are particularly included because they offer a heavy weight luxury hoodie that is well priced.

RANKS CHILDREN SIZES offer the best option for 12-13 year olds as their child sizes have a really full range of generous sizes that almost certainly provide for all children of this age.

UNEEK ‘VALUE’ hoodie. If price is really important then the Uneek hoodie is genuinely good value for money and we offer this one as our ‘value’ hoodie. 

Feel free to ask for a sample (to be returned) and judge it for yourself.

Can we mix hoodies in an order?

You can mix both colours and hoodies within your order if you wish.

Sample hoodies

Samples are so important for you to make the right choice. You can ask for hoodies to compare the brands and we always encourage having a set of sizes (to try on) when preparing your actual order.   

Request a sample by emailing

or ring 01489 893784 (local rate number), or use our contact form


Please note: Sending the samples back

It adds up to a lot of money to send a set of samples so please ensure they are kept in perfect condition and we do ask you to pay for the return postage of the hoodies. We can use them in your actual order and offer 50% reduction for the buyers of them, you can send them back so we can use them again OR you can buy them (without a design on) for a minimal charge of £6 each.

Choosing your design

The most common design choice for our leavers hoodies is the embroidered school crest on the front and on the back a "20" made of the names with an option to add a nickname - see our common designs.  Most people choose this style but if you have something else in mind or have seen a design elsewhere we almost certainly can do the same, so please just ask and send an example image if you have one to demonstrate what you want. We are happy to work to your instructions on this!

Getting the artwork prepared

Send us a JPEG image of your school crest and the official list of the names in your year group (being careful to ensure that no one is missed off!) in a spreadsheet or Word document.

Also provide written instructions of the wording you wish to have on the front and back of your hoodie. This can all be sent by email.

Confirming the artwork before production

Before we produce anything you will receive a proof to check carefully that we have understood your instructions and the names in the design are all present and correct.

We don't produce the actual hoodies until you confirm the artwork is correct.

Sending in your order

We accept your order on a spreadsheet as the most common method detailing the hoodie choice, the size and colour required and the nickname that applies.

If it’s a simple order with no nicknames you can even just send the details in an email though.


Once the order is placed the payment is due. Payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque and there is an option to send the charity donation bit separately if you wish.


Delivery usually takes place about two weeks from the confirmed order and payment.  If you have a specific deadline date please ensure that we are aware of this.

Any questions?

We want your leavers hoodies purchase to be enjoyable and smooth with no worries to yourself.

Please feel totally free to ask any questions you may have – we really don't mind.