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The ultimate ethical leavers
hoodie can change a child's life?


Each adult hoodie sold raises £5* for homeless children: Giving a loving home, education and a good future in Sierra Leone.  Learn more >


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  1. Browse our hoodies to select the styles and colours of leavers hoodie you want in your order
  2. Look at our printing and embroidery designs and contact us to finalise a design and order your hoodies
  3. We also do hoodies for primary school aged children - check out our children's hoodies and prices

The price you see for each hoodie is the final cost you will pay, including VAT, postage and charity donation!

About your donation to the St George Foundation

About the £5 raised on each hoodie... for the charity ‘St George Foundation’ in Sierra Leone

Thousands of students have supported this scheme, bought their leavers hoodies through us, and helped raise thousands for others.

They have not spent any extra money – but have made a huge difference.

As professionals we have produced quality leavers hoodies to satisfied students for nearly 20 years.

As compassionate people we run the charity to help as many children as we can. What would have been the profit is the £5 given and we are happy to support the scheme too.

Abandoned babies or young orphans, children running from hunger or abuse can find themselves in the street and in real danger.

100 hoodies sold can cover the cost of a place in our children’s home for a year, OR …pay for 10 children to attend school for a year.

Find out about our history and how else you can help, or about the charity's current activities on the ‘St George Foundation’ website.

(£5 is donated on each adult hoodie on orders of 25-99, £4 on orders of 100+. £3.50 is donated on each child hoodie and the value hoodie UC508)